A big welcome to WonDit! A place where all the World's events are put together into one shared diary that we can all use.

If you are holding an event or know of a cool event, no matter how big or small, you can upload it into WonDit, 'The World's Online Diary', and tell the world in an instant.

Or, if you are looking for something to do, whether its go to see a concert, a football game, a new film release, a shop sale, whatever it is, you can check WonDit.

For example, Sam, a friend of ours wanted to see a few punk bands when she was going to New York in December. She had to trawl the net to find out what was happening and ended up visiting and printing out lots of pages from lots of different websites. We figured why not just be able to search WHAT: 'PUNK', WHERE: 'MANHATTAN' and WHEN: '1st Dec - 14th Dec'? That search would have given Sam everything she needed know.

On the other side of that - If I was in a punk band, playing at my local bar on the 5th of December - I could get myself on that list by uploading my gig into WonDit too. I can put a picture on there, a link to my website, some info about me and maybe Sam would have come to see me too.

Theres more to it than this - but it gives you an idea of what we do.

We hope you like it and you tell your friends.

Theres always something to look forward to!


The WonDiteers x

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