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  • When:24/3/2012
  • Ritz whitworth street Manchester M1 5NQ
  • THE JANICE GRAHAM BAND - Straight out of Wythenshawe, an area that hadn’t really been associated with the cutting edge of Manchester music since the post-punk days of the early Durutti Column et al, come Acid Jazz’s newest signing.
  • Convention is a difficult little island to skirt around. Stick too close and you end up getting sucked into a colony of sound-alike bands that are indistinguishable apart from subtle variations in the fraying of the tightly worn jeans.

    Steer too far away from land and you run the risk of becoming the master of your domain; but with pitifully few little souls and sailors to catalogue your mysterious and exotic voyage. Of course, no bugger told THE JANICE GRAHAM BAND any of this.

    Their move is to plunder the island, seduce the prettiest girls and press-gang the rest of the inhabitants onto the ship singing and dancing; before heading off to sea with plenty of rum, a trumpet and the biggest and most lavishly decorated gangplank in town.

    Put less ridiculously; convention is a word that doesn’t exist in the Janice Graham vocabulary. And as a result the band are quite extraordinary. They kaleidoscope through musical influences at the flick of a plectrum in absolute precision, keeping every song full of deliciously danceable and immediate ideas that are never allowed to become tiresome before swiftly morphing into the next snaking groove or flourishing brass ‘n’ bass interjection.


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