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  • When:12/2/2012,13/2/2012
  • Business Design Centre 52 Upper Street London N1 0QH
  • The Jay-K story started off in the summer of 2009 when two charismatic and business minded people met, one being in the business for over 20 years and another who has a great passion for fashion.
  • From the beginning it clicked and they were both ready to work together to create a brand that would not only look good but also attract as many as possible. The first collection samples were completed with success in autumn 2009 and will be available in stores and to the public in winter 2010/11. 

    Our belief was to have a style of clothing mixed with casual wear and a sportier, trendy look. We wanted to create something that was at the same time classic but also innovative, a little extravagant and different to what is already out there. It is why we decided to create two lines: Jay-K Blue (for casual) and Funky Buddha (for sport and trendy look). We want to make sure that our brand is accessible to men of all ages.

    We all know that fashion is not a necessity but a desire; it is why our team is made up of people who are very dynamic, innovative and who love life, especially fashion. We are using the fact that we have people on board who know the industry and others who are businessmen to respond to the wishes of our masculine clients and create something new and also different for them. 


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