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  • When:12/2/2012,13/2/2012
  • Business Design Centre 52 Upper Street London N1 0QH
  • Gia and Roye are the men behind the brand, but what is the Giaroye story? Well, it could have been very different to the one told today.
  • Equipped with the skills and knowledge learned whilst studying BA hons in fashion design with Technology, as young designers they were initially tempted to start a clothing fashion label focusing on ladies wear, as it seemed like the most logical thing to do at the time.

    Oliver “Fortunately our attention quickly turned to menswear because we realised that there wasn’t many men’s designers which we felt captured the styles and mentality of the young Brit male”. Gia “We wanted to create a brand based on our fundamental vision for men’s clothing being Contemporary, Good quality fabrics with attention to detailing and finishing”. So what happens when the city’s streets decide to put on their tees and jackets?

    The British Nation brushes up into a bunch of super trendy, ultra cool ubranites … and Giaroye are their stylists. Giaroye Clothing captures the essence of Britain, embracing its traditions with elements of inner city youth culture. Its influences are mirrored in the look, easy to wear, casual smart and with all the proper components with a touch of Brit heritage. 

    Giaroye Clothing is an independent menswear fashion led label whose style focuses on a Semi - tailored/street look, being clean, crisp and a little bit classy, relying on the quality, detailing and cut to carry the look of the brand. Taken as a whole Giaroye Clothing aims to complement the British style of menswear, its distinctive looks include the use of sportswear styling and insert piping detailing, with a mix of traditional wool fabrics, which creates a versatile look. 

    A bit like a gentleman with a streetwise attitude, they take pride in being British but realise that the days of the bowler hat are over, the modern gent needs to adapt. The versatile cut of the garments make sure you look fly even when you’re on the fly, and don’t be surprised when people start asking you what tailor you went to rather than which Sports store. 

    Giaroye manufacture their range in the UK using British mills to buy their fabrics, and when this can’t be achieved, as close to home as possible. “Giaroye believe in British manufacturing and continue to manufacture and source fabrics and trimmings from the UK”. They take a lot of pride in being a Brit fashion led label and want their brand to embody that pride, which is achieved by always trying to have garments made in England, with only limited quantities produced. 

    Equally at home on the floor next to the bed as at the bar, Giaroye garments are with you for the ride. Distinctive or instinctive is up to you, but if you’re new generation Best of the Brit pack, Giaroye has already chosen you. More than just a fashion label, we are Giaroye. 


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