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  • When:12/2/2012,13/2/2012
  • Business Design Centre 52 Upper Street London N1 0QH
  • Take a team of four London Lad’s who lucky for us just happen to be amazing Graphic designer’s, then add into the mix a difference in shape and size.
  • The one thing they all had in common was to be able to buy a T-shirt which was trendy but not too edgy, comfy but not ugly, vintage in look but not old fashioned good colours and suitable for all body shapes. With all this and heaps more in mind the search for the perfect T-shirt began… 

    After months and months of trying on numerous T-shirts from high street to designer labels the feeling was the same not one was perfection itself. The problem we found was if they were comfortable they were ugly and the more cool they got the tighter and more uncomfortable they became. 

    After taking all this on board and lot’s of nipping, tucking, measuring and drawing, we ended up with T-shirts made using the finest quality cotton and cut generous enough for real body shapes without losing the slim fit look. Brushed and super soft to the touch but durable and made to be worn not worn out. 

    Something for all shapes and sizes to just do what it’s supposed to which in our world is look good, feel good and FIT!! 

    Our designs are exclusive to Fizzy! Our unique style and brand is designed for real men by real men... 


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