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  • 45 Crispin Street Spitalfields London E1 6HQ
  • Emin International sells limited edition prints by Tracey Emin, and signed posters, books and household objects rendered in Tracey's signature style
  • It is definitely worth a visit to Emin International situated just next to Spitalfields Market on Crispin Street (off Brushfield St)

    Tracey Emin's art is instantly recognisable and her store has all sorts Posters, Household items, Ltd Edition prints, clothing and more bearing her designs.

    Its a friendly, cool little store so, if you're in Spitalfields, go and check it out before heading off to the English Restaurant around the corner for a cup of tea, or the Golden Heart for a pint.

    Its open from 11-6 every day.


    The Wonditeers X

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