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  • When:12/2/2012,13/2/2012
  • Business Design Centre 52 Upper Street London N1 0QH
  • Plastic Guns Come together with irreverent attitude inspired by music and fun.
  • The fun yet controversial Plastic Guns brand was designed for those who put two fingers up to what’s right and wrong in fashion. 

    Established by Bianca Lonergan and Ben Smith in 2011, PG is designed for the alternatives from punk to urban, and inspired by today’s and tomorrow’s music scene. Plastic Guns draws its inspiration from the energy, music and attitude.

    Already a favourite of DJs, bands and dancefloor aficionados, Plastic Guns has quickly developed from an underground label to a unique distinctive memorable jersey brand for men. The pistol, slogans and photographic prints represent youth, peace, music and fun. 

    Music will always continue to be a heavy influence behind every design, and Plastic Guns takes the rock’n’roll attitude, and applies it to its unique style, resulting in t-shirt designs that ooze with the true meaning of what is cool - not giving a f**k, and wearing what you want on your tee.

    From your indie kids, to your grime enthusiast it doesn’t matter, because Plastic Guns transcends the normal pigeon-holing of other brands. The delicious irony is that Plastic Guns is the label with no label. There is no particular tribe we’ve trained our sights on just Music-loving youth of today. 

    PG apparel has been worn by musicians from all genres of music from Rave to Rock. From grime lyricist and urban pop master Dizzy Rascal to Indie Rock band Fenech Solar, from Rizzle Kicks to Tinie Tempah – they’ve all been seen flexing a PG across their chest. The British-made brand is available in retail boutiques nationwide. Internationally distributed in Ibiza. 

    And for those of you who want to do something a little extra, we’ve joined forces with OXJAM, to help shoot poverty down. 


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