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  • When:12/2/2012,13/2/2012
  • Business Design Centre 52 Upper Street London N1 0QH
  • Born from the mirth of popular culture, Elvis Jesus has built its reputation as a clothing brand dedicated to producing fine quality clothes with humour, panache and inescapable messages within the design.
  • Named after the cult pulp fiction novel ‘Elvis, Jesus, and Coca Cola’, inspiration for the brand grew from the story within the pages. Fulfilling the stereotype of the typical American beatnik, irreverent, voyeuristic and undeniably raw around the edges, the book’s anti-hero Kinky Friedman embodies the unique joie de vie that drives Elvis Jesus as a brand.

    Inspired by the literature and films dedicated to society’s rebels, Elvis Jesus grew from the ground up, an operation that began with one collection bundled into the boot of a car, freewheeling the country for a foot in the door, to filling the shelves of some of the most exclusive stores around the globe. The surroundings may have changed, but the journey of Elvis Jesus has never betrayed our roots in beautiful, individual and challenging clothes for men and women. 

    Designs have an undeniably in-your-face attitude, but are laced with a hint of the irony that fans of Elvis Jesus have become well versed in. Pastiche and humour work alongside the street art influences that have developed within the collections, which today have grown to include knitwear, leather, sweatshirts, denim, tailoring, shirts, jersey and accessories. 

    Remaining integral to the design ethos and heart of Elvis Jesus, embellishment of all kinds adorn the t-shirts, layering and building with rivets, a variety of beading treatments and embroidery. Each garment is built from a classic design but given an Elvis Jesus slant; whether it be fashion, political or social comment the time is taken to step outside the box and look from a new perspective. Before the recession hit, designers were holed away, already designing their pre-emptive response. Beyond a brand, Elvis Jesus has become a way of life. 

    Each piece is subject to a meticulous design process, from the very beginnings of brainstorming amongst the close knit team to hand drawing the graphics that will eventually appear on the garments. No stage is complete until all are satisfied that the end product is not only remarkable, but unique. Rejecting the one-dimensional revolving door of season to season trends, Elvis Jesus builds every collection on the strengths of their heritage as a premium clothing brand with a loyal and passionate fan base. 

    Music remains a key influence with the exploration through genres, from jazz to bluegrass, via a dalliance with house and, of course, the homage to rock and roll stalwarts of past and present. The inescapable music theme spreads across the collection with boom boxes, instruments and subtle musical references; Guns n’ Roses are honoured in the t-shirt with the AK-47, that on closer inspection is embellished with gilded, shimmering roses. 


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